Ways to Make Real Money Online by Selling Photos

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Today internet offers many ways to make money online for photographers. Internet can help you to make money from photographs you take with your digital camera. You don't have to be a professional photographer or even a very good photographer to make money from your photographs. All you have to do is start taking photos and selling them online.

You can sell your photos online by uploading them to an online photo agency that will sell them around the world.  The beauty is that you can upload a photo once and you can be earning royalties for years to come. It’s relatively easy today to make some decent photos because you can get decent digital cameras very cheap today and start taking photos of landscapes animals, and birds around you.
Ways to Make Real Money Online by Selling Photos
Ways to Make Real Money Online by Selling Photos

Sell Photos:

Once you have your photographs you can upload them to one or more online photography sites and make money every time someone buys one of your photographs. These sites have their own rules on who can join and technical requirements for your photos. It may take a while for you to get a response when you submit your photographs because they have lots of photos coming in daily and need to evaluate all of them to see if they meet their standards.  Technical requirements can be RGB, JPEG uncompressed file format for your pictures and the size of your photos.


Photo Selling Websites:

· iStockphoto - you can request payment through PayPal, Moneybookers, Payoneer MasterCard or cheque once you reach $100.

· Fotolia - pays its contributors commission from 20% up to 63%. You can receive your payment through Moneybookers or PayPal.

· Shutterstock   - contributors are paid $0.25 and upwards per download.

· Gettyimages   - you can upload your photos and earn revenue as a Royalty Free (RF) or rights managed (RM).

· Depositphotos   - you earn commission based on your level, commission goes from 44% to 52%. 

· Bigstockphoto   - you can earn from $0.50 and more depending on the size of the photo, or 30% of the US dollar price.  You can cash out using Paypal or Moneybookers once you accumulate $30 in earnings.

· Photocase   -  pays royalty from  40%  to 60%.  You can cash out at €100.

· Photospin - pays 40% revenue share. You can request payment with Paypal, Moneybookers and check once you have $50 in your account.

· Imagevortex - is a site that wants to attract professional and full time photographers.

Photographers set price for their own photographs in the range $20 to $300 and receive 70% of the sale price.

These are only some of the sites where you can make real money online selling your photographs. You will find many more sites similar to these if you search online. So grab your digital camera and start taking photographs of your pets, your garden or whatever you love to photograph.

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  1. hello.im very interested in selling my photos online although im not a professional photographer.i just want to take photos.and also i need money because i still dont have a work and i hope this will help me.But i have a problem,i dont have paypal or bank account.what should i do.

  2. Making money with photography is a new and fast growing trend in online earning world. It enables you to earn money as well as fulfill your hobby. Did you ever think that your everyday fun making activity can become a big platform to make money on internet. Clicking pictures allows you to do this fun making act with earning some money. Photography is the best way to express your mood and feelings. Photography can be of various types depending on your interests and hobby. It includes wild life photography, nature oriented photography, marriage photography and many more. You can convert certain kinds of photography into your earning medium on internet.


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