Ways to Make Money Online by Completing Tasks on Amazon Mechanical Turk

Ways to Make Money Online by Completing Tasks on Amazon Mechanical Turk

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AmazonMechanical Turk or mturk is a crowd sourcing website owned by Amazon which pays its workers for completing tasks. To start to make money online as a worker on Amazon mturk, you will need to sign up which takes only one minute of your time.  

When you sign up, you can start doing simple tasks called “HIT” and make a certain amount of money depending on the complexity and then time required to complete the task. The pay you will earn from single task starts from $0.01 up to many dollars.

Ways to Make Money Online by Completing Tasks on Amazon Mechanical Turk
Ways to Make Money Online by Completing Tasks on Amazon Mechanical Turk

Kind of Tasks Available to Make Money Online

There are hundreds of thousands of task available on mechanical turk at all times to make money online. Some of the most numerous ones to make money online are:

· Transcription Tasks – workers get paid by transcription companies or individuals by completing tasks involving transcription of speech, lectures or interviews.

· Image Classification - mechanical Turk workers make money by classifying images according to certain criteria, such as images containing nudity, images of violence etc.

· Completing Surveys – make money by answering questions and giving your honest opinion on various matters.

· Digitalizing Handwritten or Scanned Documents -  Completing tasks on mturk or this kind requires that workers type in a form a scanned document such as business card or typing a scanned hand written paper into a MS Office or Open Office digital document.

· Writing Article -  on a given topic and containing certain keywords.

· Rewriting Sentences or Complete Articles.


Make Money Online on Mturk:

Your Amazon Mechanical Turk earnings depend on many things. There are many types of tasks which require more or less time to complete.  If you wish to make money online more, you should be completing tasks that pay no less than a dollar and require several minutes to complete. By this way , you can make a minimum wage working online on Amazon Mechanical Turk.  To increase your earnings, you should pass qualification tests. Passing them will make many high paying tasks available to you


Advantages and Disadvantages:

Amazon mturk has its Advantages and Disadvantages.

Advantages are:
  1. Ability to work online at home.
  2. Huge number of task available at all times.
  3. Anyone can start completing tasks on Amazon Mechanical Turk, it’s completely free to join and no previous experience is required.
  4. You can pick the task you want to do. There is no obligation to work on a certain task, if you don’t want. You can also return the task, you can’t continue working on for some reason

Some of the Disadvantages are:
  1. There are many scammers, who don’t pay you after completing the HIT. You should check out forums such as Turker Nation and Mturk Forum to help you stay informed about scammers.
  2. If you live outside USA or India you cannot receive payment in your bank account. You can however use your earning to buy Amazon Gift Card and use it for purchasing things on Amazon.
  3. There are tasks that pay little, no more than few cents per 15 minute work, stay away from them because they are not worth the time and effort.

In this Ways to Make Money Online by Completing Tasks on Amazon Mechanical Turk, you have learnt:

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