Ways to make money online from Cafepress

Ways to make money online from Cafepress (Designing Own Merchandise)

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Cafepress is an online retailer that sells user-customized merchandise. It is not well-known. There are millions of products listed on the marketplace such as t-shirts, mugs, bags, calendars and many more. 

Cafepress offers ways to Make Money Online to both the creative people such as designers and also to the website owners and bloggers. Cafepress allows you to money money online by designing your own merchandise and by selling products that are designed by other people.
Ways to make money online from Cafepress (Designing Own Merchandise)
Ways to make money online from Cafepress (Designing Own Merchandise)

Design Own Products:

To start designing your own products, you should open your own store on Cafepress. There are three types of stores, Basic, CafePress and Premium. Basic, and Cafepress are free to set up but they have their limitations, however you can set up as many as you like. 

The free stores have their limitations in the number of products you can sell. Basic shop allows you to have one of each product item, for more items you will need to open more shops. You can only make money in small amount.

If you open premium store you will be charged monthly, quarterly or yearly but it has advantages such as  greater number of products, more than one product item, grouping products into categories and choosing from a number of pre-made designs for your storefront or the ability to make your own storefront design.  You can make money in vast amount.

Sell Products Designed by Others:

Selling Cafepress products that are designed by others is another way to make money online. This is good for people who are not too interested in designing. By becoming Cafepress affiliates, they can make money online referring customers to cafepress. This way bloggers can use Cafepress to monetize their traffic.  

Affiliates can drive traffic to Cafepress using many tools that are provided to them such as widgets, text links, banners, product links, category links and search link. The affiliate earn 15% commission on all purchases made by the customers that they send. The cookies have a 15 day period, so if the customers returns in next 15 day period and makes a purchase you still get paid.

Cafepress offers many ways to make money online. Whether you are a designer, bloggers or affiliate market it offers ways to make money online extra. To make money online by selling user-customized products can be profitable but it’s not a get rich quick scheme. It is business that requires lots of hard work in designing your products and promoting them.

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