Ways to Make Money Online from Mystery Shopping Companies

Ways to Make Money Online from Mystery Shopping Companies

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Being mystery shopper offers an excellent way to make money online by simply testing products and services in various supermarkets, hotels, restaurants etc.  Companies use the services of mystery shopping companies to evaluate the skills of their employees, the ease of finding specific products, and the customer’s level of satisfaction.   

As a mystery shopper, you will need to buy products or services such as order a pizza, stay at a hotel or have dinner at a restaurant and then fill out a report about your experience, quality of service and your  satisfaction with the shopping there.  

Your opinion is then used by the customers (owners of supermarkets, hotels, restaurants etc) of the mystery shopping companies to improve their products and/or services.

Companies like to know what the customer experience is like on their sites and in their stores. Why not become a mystery shopper? Mystery shoppers can make money full-time by working only three to four hours a day, making this a great solution for stay-at-home moms and people who want to make money online without committing to a full-time schedule.
Ways to Make Money Online from Mystery Shopping Companies
Ways to Make Money Online from Mystery Shopping Companies

Requirements to Become a Mystery Shopper:

First of all, one needs to join at least one mystery shopping company. However, it’s advisable to join as many as possible mystery shopping companies, because this will greatly improve your chances of getting assignments.

Best Mystery Shopping Companies:

· Ellis Property Management Services – is a company that does apartment shopping? They pay around $40 dollars for the shop.
· Mercantile systems and surveys – pays you for dining at fine restaurants. The pay for job is usually around $60 - $85 per job.
· Sinclair service assessment – offers different mystery shoppers opportunities like food and retail.
· Cyber Shoppers Online – another good mystery shopping company you should join
· Speedmark Information Services - offers variety of shops such as grocery and restaurant shop.
· Shoppers inc. - great mystery shopping company you can join. It offers shopping opportunities from many industries.
· Quality assessments mystery shoppers – offers shops from various industries health and fitness, banking, retail, food and dining, automotive and call centres.
· Bestmark- offers many shopping opportunities from hotel, restaurant, apartments, banks casinos etc.
· Intelli-shop – offers opportunities from various industries.
Note: Before you embark on your journey of being a mystery shopper you should be aware here are many scams offering a mystery shopping job for a certain fee.  Legitimate mystery shopping companies will not ask you to pay anything or making promises of outrageous earnings. Asking for a payment is clear sign of a scam. If you are asked to pay fee to join a mystery shopping company, make sure that you stay away.

In this Ways to Make Money Online from Mystery Shopping Companies, you have learnt:


  1. many Mystery Shopping Provider provide a really good offer whether you a student or even a housewives to be a mystery shopping

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