Ways to Make Money Online for Children and Kids

Ways to Make Money Online for Children and Kids

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These days, it’s nearly impossible to meet a kid or a teenager who isn’t passionate about the Internet. From the countless cat videos, to fierce phantoms, to every game genre you can imagine, the Internet is filled with amazing things. 

This is why kids barely leave home to go out with friends–they’re already talking to each other online, from the comfort of their own beds, with a bag of potato chips within reach.

If you’re a parent or a guardian, and have witnessed the aforementioned description of a kid in your home, welcome to the digital age. You may badger your kids to take a break from their gadgets, but before you renounce the Internet completely, hear this:

Let the kids use their Internet time to make money online. Not only would they get to stay glued to their social networking dashboards, they will also get to be productive, and possibly save up for that pair of sneakers, they’ve been eyeing. Looking for ideas to pitch to your kid’s small-time gig?

Ways to Make Money Online for Children and Kids
Ways to Make Money Online for Children and Kids

Kids can make money online very easily. As the kids are very active and their mind is fresh so they can easily learn the ways to make money online. A 12 year kid can easily make money online, if he wants to make money online. As Internet is very common with the kids in these days, so the difficulty to use Internet is not present in kids in this day and age. 

Actually working to make money online is just like enjoyment for the kids and most of them are interested in doing jobs online and get paid for it. So they can make their pocket money. Following are some of the ways by which the kids can make money online very easily.

Ways to Make Money Online for Kids:

Hear, here are the ways to make money online for kids. These are the easy ways for the kids to make money online.

Sell Stuff Online:
They’ve outgrown the toys and the clothes they hounded you for. Now, all this stuff is piled up on the darkest shelf of their closet, or the saddest corner in the attic. Help your kids sort through all the stuff they no longer use, and put them for sell online. You can help take photos for posting on either online auction sites or social media.

Play Games:
Before you grab the game controllers out of your child’s hands, why not suggest that they put their gaming skills to good use to make money online? A lot of programmers are looking for people to test the games, and will pay for testing games. Aside from the professionals, kids are often the best reviewers of games since they make up a huge chunk of the creators’ target market. Over time, when your kid becomes adept at playing, they can even join competitions where they can win cash prizes and earn bragging rights.

Do Online Research:

I’m not suggesting that you let your kids offer their research skills to their classmates in exchange for money. A better idea, for instance, is to offer research assistance to college students or academic professionals. The tasks may be as simple as looking up pertinent information or verifying data online, but can be more complicated depending on the skills of the child.

Write and Blog:

If your kid can seriously write stuff that is fun to read and engaging, encourage them to start a blog or website and make money online from it. Some of the things they can write about are reviews of restaurants, video games, movies, and books. 

They can also create videos of themselves holding tutorials on fun ideas, such as how to pronounce Versailles properly, or what kind of makeup is appropriate for certain events. Remind your blogger kids that they can have ads put up on their sites or invite certain brands, especially the start up ones, to send goods their way in exchange for a review. They can make money online this way.

Design and Take Photos:

Writing and researching aren’t the only disciplines that thrive in the Internet money-making scene; there’s also art and design. There are many artists who create illustrations or take photos and sell them online. 

If your kid is adroit at these fields, urge them to start an art blog and sell their artwork. They can also sell their work to different organizations that use photographs for advertising purposes.



They can create blogs about the things they really like. By posting fresh and original content daily, they can attract attention of the people. The search engines may notice their progress and with a little promotion, they will get traffic. 

They can also provide links and advertise products and services of different companies. So when the visitor purchases the product or service the kid will get the commission.2.

Posting to Forums:

Posting actively in the forum of their site is another way to make money online. In almost every forum a space is provided for their signature. The text added by the kid would be shown underneath every post and so they leave their link with the signatures. 

So when the visitor visits the site, and see your post and reads your signature and then by clicking on the link which is given by you, he purchases anything then again the kid can get the commission by doing this simple job.

Sell on eBay:

Kids can also make money online by selling their items on eBay and other sites like this. They can sell the items about which they have a lot of knowledge. Actually the kids have lot knowledge about certain things like video games, computers, movies, music and of course of toys. They have to promote the selling of these items on the website. 

They can also promote the products and services of some other companies and get a reasonable amount of money in return. As marketing and advertising are 2 most common jobs on Internet and they can also done easily to make money online. So a kid of age 12 is sharp enough to do this job and make money online, a good amount.

Paid Surveys:

Kids can also make money online by completing the legal paid surveys. But there are also some paid survey scams. But there are also some legal companies which pay for the completed surveys. This type of job is very popular among the kids. But they have to keep themselves away from the scammers and look for a legal company. 

So these are some of the easy ways to make money online for kids. As every kid is different from the other, so giving every kid the full rights to use the Internet at the age of twelve is a bit risky also. But otherwise, if they use it positively, they can easily make a reasonable amount of money by working online.

In this Ways to Make Money Online for Children and Kids, you have learnt:


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